Apple Pie Fundraiser

As Thanksgiving rolls around every year, our entire town of Shrewsbury knows that our team is getting ready for our annual fundraiser where our team assembles to bake over 790 apple pies that we sell to the community. We raised around $5500 for our team last year with this extremely popular endeavor, and we even gave back by donating a number of pies to our local veteran’s shelter.

But our Apple Pie fundraiser serves more than to just raise money for our team; it is one of our primary tools to spread the ideals of not only our team, but FIRST and STEM to the community around us. As our team members go door to door, street to street, and even town to town to sell as many pies as possible, more and more people are introduced to what our team embodies and are eager to find out more. This year, we have had the most people ever on our team, a total of almost 70 students, which truly symbolizes the extreme outreach we have here on team 467.

Then the real fun begins. Our entire team gathered together at our local Middle School kitchen over an entire weekend to make the 792 pies that we made this year. We spent the Friday before Thanksgiving preparing “pie bags” after school, leading into Saturday when we spent the whole day peeling and preparing apples and then baking pies. On Sunday, we distributed all of the pies to people and our goal was finally complete.

While the fundraiser was great for our team, Team 467 also finds a way to give back during the Thanksgiving season. This year, we donated 40 apple pies to the Worcester Food Bank, and also sold many more at the local farmer’s market. This is just one example of many others of how Team 467 finds ways to spread the message of FIRST and STEM throughout the community while also finding a way to give back.