Team Meals

The Shrewsbury Colonials eat together as a team during the longer work days of the build season. Most weeks will have meals on Fridays and Saturdays, however during vacation and at the end of the build season, meals on other days will also be added.

* Providing one team meal is a requisite for travel with the team.

Each family is asked to provide one lunch or dinner for the team. We ask that you coordinate and work with at least one other family when providing a dinner for our large group. We hope your entire family will join us for the meal.

Here are some helpful tips:

Lunches: Lunches will be served at 12 noon. Please plan to serve 35 people.

Lunches may include sandwiches, wraps, rolls, cold cuts and cheese, bagels and cream cheese, chips, fruit, cookies, brownies, and drinks such as soda, milk, and juices.

We hope to have items that can be easily stored or refrigerated. Many team members come from or leave directly for other school activities or work, and items that can be “grab and go” are most welcome.

Dinners: Dinners are served at 6:30 PM. Please work with another family to provide a meal for 60 people.

Meals consist of an entrée, vegetables or salad, rolls, drinks and a dessert. Please let me know what you plan to serve at

Meals from the past have included pasta dishes, turkey or ham dinners, tacos, beef stew, chili, baked potatoes with toppings, etc. Please always include a vegetarian option with your meal (for example, when providing several trays of lasagna, please make one or two trays without meat) Ethnic dishes and vegetarian meals are always welcome and encouraged.

We will relay any information we receive about allergies and what is necessary to keep team members safe. You may be asked to make several portions of a meal without onions, or to keep vegetarians in mind when you plan your dinner.

Please plan on 8 bottles of soda, one being a diet option. Milk, juice, lemonade, etc are also popular.
Please plan a dinner to serve 60 people. Not sure what to make? Check out for easy recipes that the website will help you adjust for a crowd.

Plates, silverware, cups, and napkins are provided by the team. Please bring the serving utensils you need with you.

You, along with your child, will be assisted with setting up your meal. Meals may be heated through or kept warm in the ovens until ready to serve. We have 10 ovens, 10 microwaves, and 8 stove tops to help us get everything ready on time.Several team members will be assigned to clean up the room and assist you to your car.

Meal dates and times may be viewed on the team calendar at

If you wish to sign up for a meal, need help finding a partner for a dinner meal, or have
questions about meals, please email

If there are financial difficulties that you feel will prevent you from taking part, please email This information will be kept in confidence, and we want all of our team members to take part in all required activities.