Shrewsbury Robotics Holds Annual Pie-Baking Fundraiser

Shrewsbury – November 18, 2017 – Shrewsbury Robotics is hosting its main fundraiser of the year with their annual pie bake. Every year, Shrewsbury Robotics bakes and sells hundreds of pies to local residents as well as extended families across New England. The pie bake takes place on Saturday, November 18.

Pies baked by members of Shrewsbury Robotics will be available for sale at the annual Shrewsbury Farmer’s Market. However, the number of pies being sold at the farmer’s market is limited. If you want to guarantee yourself a pie, get in contact with a member of Shrewsbury Robotics to order one of their fresh-baked pies. If you cannot find a Shrewsbury Robotics member, email and they will find a student to sell you a pie.


If you want to support a local team who gives back to the community and get a delicious pie, be sure to order a pie from Shrewsbury Robotics. For those who have ordered, the pick-up day for the pies is the same day as the pie bake, November 18 from 3 to 6 P.M. Any pies not picked up during that time will be donated to Veterans, Inc. in Worcester. Be sure to pick up your pie at your earliest convenience.